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Nick's Top Tips
frozen pipe.jpg

Nick's Tip Number 4.......During this cold spell....are your water pipes frozen? 

A common fault which results in not being able to use your drycleaning machine.

In this cold weather be careful to check the water pipes to your drycleaning machine, to make sure they are not frozen.

A tell tale sign is your machine cuts out on 'lack of water' or 'overheat'.

Check the water supply.

Can you see the water passing down the drain?   

If found to be frozen, defrost and wait for the machine to cool down before using again. 


realstar door.jpgw2 still door.jpg

Nick's Tip Number 3.....Leaks from opening doors

To avoid leaks from opening doors, make sure you keep the seals clean and in good order, check regularly for damage.

Check that the loading door and other doors are not leaking when the load is started and before you walk away. 



c2 button trap.jpg 

Nick's Tip Number 2.....Clean the Button Trap

Clean the Button Trap Basket every load.

This will maximise solvent flow and enable good good drying of fluff & debris in the basket.



Nick's Tip Number 1.....Clean the Dust Screens Every Load

blocked coil.jpg

If fluff and dust is allowed to pass the dust screen this is what will happen to your coils.... 

c 1 dust screen.jpg

Replace the foam regularly, ensure it fits tightly and clean the screen after every load....

fluff on the coils reduces airflow which gives poor drying and increases energy costs to dry a load 




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