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October 2018

We have the following new equipment in stock, available for immediate delivery

Realstar R215E slimline drycleaning machine, lots of extras SOLD

Realstar Atmos, slimline multi solvent machine, prepared for Sensene solvent.  SOLD

Aquastar 18kg washing machine, suitable for wet cleaning SOLD

Aquastar 18kg Tumble dryer, suitable for wet cleaning SOLD

Fimas Stretching trouser topper

Fimas Stretching Former

Fimas vacuum/blowing ironing table, self contained

Fimas steam spotting table SOLD

Fimas steam/vacuum/blowing ironing table, self contained

Fimas automatic press, self contained

Fimas pressed shirt unit

Fimas steam boiler, 36kw SOLD

Pamilas 2.5m conveyor system, with automatic research if required.

Please contact us for more information. 


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Dane Realstar are celebrating 35 years in business Cool

Always deliverying quality service to our customers. 



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We are suppliers of the full range of Fimas finishing equipment ,

including machines for wet cleaning finishing!


Give us a call on 01403 741414 or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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A third Realstar for John & Paul Porter

John Porter Drycleaning in Oakham, Rutland.

paul porter with new realstar r215e web.jpg

The drycleaners are based in a beautiful market town and the shop is a listed building.  Because of the compactness of the shop the old and new machines both have to be stripped into small pieces for removal and delivery, as per the second picture, the new machine was then rebuilt in the shop.

The new Realstar R215E is a 15kg slimline 2 tank machine, fitted  with ecological and decolouring filters, it is electrically heated with LPD system which  uses the distillation vapour to heat the airflow on drying, this enables the machine to dry the load without using any other heat source.  This system also reduces the water consumption for distillation, the use of the fridge heat pump gives added input for the drying circuit.

The machine is also has the benefit of a Polar solvent chiller allowing safe cleaning of delicate fabrics such as silks.

John and Paul like to keep their machinery up to date with the latest options and gave the thumbs up for the new generation machine from Realstar.







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October 2014 

New machines announced by Fimas


fimas shirt finishers models 296 & 298.jpg



Stop Press....

Special offers on stock machines (whilst stocks last)

(Please note: finance calculations are approximate and subject to status)

Fimas Shirt finishing unit consisting of:

1 x Fimas 296 single buck pressed shirt finisher  Finance cost equivalent of £14.80 per day 

1 x Fimas 387 collar cuff press with 36kw boiler Finance cost equivalent of £6.20 per day 

Finance cost calculations equivalent to £7 shirts a day
fimas 296 shirt unit (small).jpg

fimas 387 small.jpg


  Ring us for more information on 01403 741414 

APRIL 2014.... 

New Sidi Shirt Unit for

King Edward School Whitley

Laundry Manager at King Edward School, has updated the processing at the School with a new Sidi Easyform 3000 shirt finishing machine, the laundry can now offer shirt finishing to students and customers alike.

Karine is an enthusiastic manager and offers a wide range of services to the School.  The Laundry is also open to the public, which in a small town, without any drycleaning facility, is an invaluable service to the area.

The machine was supplied and installed by Dane Realstar, who also gave Karine and her staff training on the operation of the machine.

 Karine comments

 ‘After discussing a possible shirt pressing service to our 6th form students I decided that the machine for the job was the Sidi Easyform 3000. I am quite familiar with Sidi equipment and have always been impressed by the quality and results from my Sidi press to my Sidi spotting table both of which were installed by Dane Realstar. So it was only right that Dane Realstar were the company for the job!

From delivery to installation the process could not have been any smoother, with time to learn the programmes and training on how to do shirts and also blazers/jackets it could not have been any simpler.

Dane Realstar even came out the next working day to ensure I was all clued up on my Sidi Easyform 3000.

This lovely new piece of equipment works like a dream, from drying wet shirts to the crease free end result is just amazing! The fact I can also do the school’s blazers on the same machine by simply changing the programme makes it a multi tasking machine! I am over the moon with this new addition to our laundry.

Many thanks to the team at Dane Realstar!’

Karine Butcher, Laundry Manager King Edward’s School Witley.

Thank you Karine for your glowing reference....  

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Only a couple of weeks to wait....... 

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   Dane Realstar finishing equipment update June 2013

Supplier of the Realstar range of drycleaning machines, Dane Realstar offers a full range of finishing equipment to suit all requirements for the launderer, dry cleaner and ironing service outlets. Paul Higgs advised, we promote the sale of finishing equipment to enable us to offer the customer a complete package. Dane offer competitively priced equipment backed up by excellent after sales training.  We also offer prompt full service back up by our experienced engineers. 

We supply the Sidi & Fimas ranges of machines that include automatic and manual presses along with a comprehensive range of ironing tables available with all the features required by the user.

The Sidi range is well established in the UK, renowned for its reliability and state of the are design, we have been supplying the Sidi range for 9 years and carry a full range of spare parts to total customer care.

With the dawn of customer demand for the Pressed Shirt Unit from Fimas, we have now included in our portfolio the complete range of Fimas Equipment.

Fimas has been producing high quality well built equipment since the 1980’s.

With a very extensive selling network, Fimas is well known in over 60 countries worldwide.
A partner of the Macpi Group, a world leader for over 50 years, Fimas has a complete and detailed range of Italian quality produced equipment for our customers.

We have found that with the first pieces of equipment installed and working our customers are impressed with the robust build and reliability.

The use of a manual or automatic press, is becoming popular again with drycleaners, giving a high quality finish to garments the presses can be supplied either self contained with a built-in boiler or for connection to central services.

For Laundry work we supply nickel plated, hot head presses, in which the head and buck are both steam heated.  The automatic closing of the top buck allows the operator to produce a high volume of high quality finished garments.

There is a huge selection of ironing tables available including:

Vacuum electrically heated Tables

Vacuum/blowing tables

and the favourite of many drycleaners, the steam/vacuum/blowing tables

With both the presses and ironing tables, the iron options are Steam/Electric or ‘All Steam’

We offer a full installation service and our engineers are available to assist at the time of boiler inspections.

All equipment is backed by Dane Realstar’s after sales service.


A new Drycleaning shop has opened in the lively Sussex Town of Rustington.

slh shaun hickman with realstar.jpg

The shop was vacated last year by a large drycleaning group which left a large hole in Rustingtons service sector.

The new owner Sean Hickman has an established cobblers in the town, he saw the opportunity to open his new shop and give the town the dual service of his established cobblers and a drycleaners.

He contacted his local supplier Dane Realstar, Paul Higgs visited Sean and together they put together the perfect shop package.

A 15kg Wide configuration Realstar R215L with Polar solvent chiller.


slh fimas ironing table and camptel cabinet.jpg

A New Fimas spotting Table and New Fimas Ironing Table were included in the package, together with a secondhand Camptel Rotor Cabinet which was fully refurbished at Dane Realstar's factory.

The machines were delivered, installed and commissioned by Dane Realstar’s Engineers.




Sean advised “I an very happy with the efficent service given to me by Dane Realstar and I would recommend them as a first class machinery provider, I am so pleased with my choice of equipment.

I would like to thank Paul for his advice thoughout the project'.


Dane Realstar - Drycleaning machine update – March 2013   

 1.            When looking for a replacement machine an established drycleaners will surely ring the suppliers he knows in the industry, we would assume starting with his existing supplier, if they are reputable and have offered a good service over the life of the current machine.

If he wants the machine to run relatively trouble free for a number of years then he should look at a top specification, well built machine.  The machine should be manufactured using high quality stainless steel parts.  What looks like a high specification machine which is not guaranteed to be manufactured in stainless steel will suffer corrosion in quite a short time. 

Also with a cheaper machine, there is always a ‘catch’; often it is the after sales service where the cuts occur – and in the end, it is the customer who suffers.  He should therefore make sure the supplier is reputable with a proven track record.

 2             The main development in the manufacture of a drycleaning machine is the awareness of economical running costs, i.e. water, electricity and of course the solvent.  With the huge rise in the prices of solvent the customer must ensure his machine will comply with the latest solvent emissions directive.  The modern computer control will also ensure that the machine runs at its most efficient.

Consideration should also be given to solvent temperature, the modern machine will be available with a solvent chilling device, serious consideration should be given to the inclusion of this feature, which will probably only add £100 per year over the life of the machine!

 3               Realstar has always been an innovative, industry leader in engineering new products to service the textile care industry - recognised world wide for their emphasis on quality, ecology, low environmental impact and safety.  The Realstar multisolvent VISION range of efficient machines, achieves lower running costs, produces sparkling clean clothes WITHOUT using WATER or STEAM! 

The British Drycleaner is still in love with Perc, unlike other countries both in the EU and further afield.  But with the environment in mind perhaps we should be looking at other solvent options like the new Kreussler K4.  Realstar (FMB group) have a new machinery range using the new Kreussler SystemK4, the Halogen-free solvent.  Biodegradable, eco-friendly, dermatologically tested, these machines offer increased productivity with lower energy expenditure.

 4             For a new comer to the industry it would be vital that the machine is purchased from a Reputable Supplier with a proven track record, who can offer good after sales service and support, which will be a necessity!

If the budget allows a new machine should be purchased, if it has to be a secondhand machine, it should be a new as possible or  it needs to be refurbished to a high quality with all the latest SED requirements.  It should be supplied with a warranty too.

 Dane Realstar is a founder member of the Society of Laundry Engineers and Allied Trades (SLEAT), Code of Conduct; supplying machines that comply with the latest SED requirements; offering a high level of service; ensuring the customer is in safe hands. 

 A family run company, Dane Realstar has delivered exemplary service to the dry cleaning industry for over a 30 years, whether it be the supply of our competitively priced, quality products, backed by our experienced technical service, the servicing of customer equipment or the undertaking of major installations.

 Legislation also demands that, any Engineer working on refrigerated system is required by law to have the qualification ‘Safe handling of Refigerants  F gas J11’.  All drycleaning machines with a refrigeration charge of 3kg or above must have an annual safety inspection carried out by a competent person. All Dane Realstar Engineers’ are fully qualified to carry out the inspections demanded.

We are also ‘GAS SAFE’ registered for gas installations. 

We have unparalleled experience in an industry that has seen a lot of players “come and go”.



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 Well done Paul in raising over £150 for Movember, great MO....Cool





Ring Us Today for:

Fimas 296 Pressed Shirt Unit

Fimas 387 Collar Cuff Press with 36kw Boiler

Available for immediate delivery.....

fimas 296 small.jpg

With the combination of technical innovation and our many years of experience producing high quality finishing equipment it is inevitable that we would produce an outstanding shirt finisher!

The FIMAS 296 AIR OPERATED PRESSED SHIRT FINISHER for the pressed ironing of wet & dry and shirts gives a high quality crisp firm finish to the body, yoke, shoulders, long & short sleeves and sleeve placket. 

The machine will give you up to 45/60 shirts per hour with one operator, processing shirts of any size.

Specifically designed for high volume, quality shirt finishing, The Fimas 296 is easy to use and gives highly professional results, because of the efficiency of the machine production costs can be kept to a minimum, with consistently, quality finished garments.

The shirt body form has a powerful vacuum over the whole area, allowing the finishing of even the smallest shirts.

Even on large size shirts, the large pressing plates allow the whole shirt, including the sides, to be pressed in one operation.

The adjustable blowing option allows the operator to sequence the cycle to insert steam and air on the still tensioned shirt.
The side tensioners have fully adjustable width and tensioning controls.
The sleeve height is fully adjustable during the pressing cycle, to stretch the sleeves as far as possible to remove creases
If a short sleeve is pressed, it is held in place by our perforated clamp to ensure the garment is completely dry. 
fimas 387 small.jpg



For the best shirt finishing results the Fimas 296, must be combined with the Fimas 387 collar cuff press, with steam heated polished head top buck and safety rail, the machine is timer controlled, has full vacuum, and push button controls for closing.

Available for connection to central steam services.  

Or with the option of a 36kw boiler capable of producing sufficient steam for both this machine and the Fimas 296.

Customers who have used these machines are amazed at the finished product. One customer, who has been processing shirts for many years, was even heard to chant ‘its beautiful’


The Fimas 296 together with the Fimas 387 Collar Cuff Press is a truly awesome combination!



realstar km k4.jpg

Realstar machines designed to dry-clean with the Kreussler System K4.

Thanks to an intelligent design, pending international patent, Italian manufacturer
REALSTAR s.r.l has developed a series of machines dedicated to Kreussler
K4 , optimised for top results from the new cleaning system.

REALSTAR and the FMB Group began to study this new solvent some years ago, and today is the only manufacturer in the world to have machines available working with Kreussler
K4 in three different continents: Europe, America, Oceania.

Excellent cleaning results, softer garments, brighter colours, easier and faster ironing.

Cleaners are highly impressed by the cleaning performance on fat as well as water soluble impurities, and by the low number of garments to be re-cleaned. Dry-cleaning shops which were already familiar with the use of hydrocarbon solvents, have praised the cleaning performance and the final consistency of fabrics.

Solvon K4 is a biodegradable solvent and has been dermatologically tested.

K4 solvent must be used exclusively in purposely designed machines and may not be used in a traditional hydrocarbon machine. REALSTAR K4 machines allow short cleaning cycles with a lower energy consumption compared to traditional hydrocarbon machines.

K4 range includes models of between 18 kg and 40 kg loading capacity, for the perfect treatment of regular garments, knitwear, leather garments and furs.

The System
K4 product range includes the halogen-free solvent and a special range of pre-spotting and reinforcing products.


Quality Kwik Dry Cleaners, Worthing:
When Tesco in Worthing announced it was to redevelop its original store into a brand new TESCO EXTRA, Jeff and Gloria Connor who had a shop on the original site decided to move to the new store.
Being a long term customer with Dane Realstar and owning a 1993 Realstar T25, they needed to buy a new machine which would meet all the current SED legislation requirements.
They purchased the New Realstar R215L in red and white together with a new Sidi Cabinet, Hawo Polybagging machine and a Metalprogetti conveyor which was also in red to highlight the new shop design. 
Dane Realstar and Finches MachineryMovers, delivered the machine into the building site.  Dane Realstar Engineers undertook thecomplete shop installation and equipment commissioning.
Jeff, as you can see above, is absolutely delighted with Dane Realstar’s professional approach to the project,‘Paul helped me with the shop layout and installation, making the transfer of the business as straight forward as possible, sometimes we were knee deep in snow, ice, mud and water’.


quality kwik small.jpg


qk over the fence.jpgmetalprogetti conveyor small.jpg


















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